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05/13/08 12:18 PM #1    

Scott Williams

Welcome to the Havana High School Class Of 1979 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

06/06/08 07:06 PM #2    

Robin Vanderveen (Labonte)

Hey Scott - thanks for the invitation to join! Nice job on the website! Robin

10/22/08 09:36 PM #3    

Ed Smith

Had a great time at the golf tourney. It was great to see all of the class mates that particapated.I think everyone had a great time.Sorry I took my team out of the money for the b flight,but at least I hit the green Bubba.

12/26/08 09:17 AM #4    

Lynne Pace (Green)

The slideshow was great. Thanks for that blast down memory lane. Lynne

01/16/09 06:31 PM #5    

Mary Lind (Westman)

Hey Scott & Marc; great job on the site. I especially like the 79 playlist, the slide show, and the 'Why go to reunions?' was funny. I see you keep adding more things to make it interesting. Thanks for the updates.

01/29/09 12:33 PM #6    

Jaime Lowe

The Charlies Angel's tape is too funny, I'll be seeing you guys at the reunion. Sure am glad I got those braces off! Yikes! Jaime Has anyone heard from Jimmy C. ?

02/17/09 11:52 PM #7    

Maria Landazuri

Oh my golly! After watching the b-ball videos, I am so sad that I wasn't around for that! Thanks so much for posting the wonderful videos.

04/26/09 11:47 PM #8    

Derrin Cogar

Wow, nice site! I really like seeing names and people I've thought about for awhile now. 30 years? No wonder nobody believes me when I say I'm 29. Oh well, if I haven't perfected 29 in 20 years I guess I won't face the facts of my real age. Uhh, 31, right? Ok, alright, it is a Man's perogative to lie, right? I will be checking back at this site often though, between my computer and iPhone, it's easy to do. Yes, I promise not to look at my phone when I cross street or intersection, it could leave me flat.

06/29/09 04:53 PM #9    

Davin Keith

Great pictures, sure wish that I could have been there. Scott and Dos, thanks for all of your efforts, nice job!

07/07/09 04:31 PM #10    

Mike Martin

Enjoyed the pictures from second grade. However, Mrs. Heater as you may remember, was only a substitute teacher who must have been filling in at the time when the class pictures were taken. The name of the teacher who started the year off across the hall from Mrs. Butt eludes me right now. Maybe some of you can help me out here. I think her name was Mrs. Beasley. She was replaced during the course of the year with then Mrs. Cunningham. You may know her now by her married name. Havana's own, Mrs. Connie Montgomery.
Mike Martin

05/26/10 04:38 PM #11    

Derrin Cogar

Everybody, Wang Chung tonight, OK, ;-))))))

06/19/10 10:26 PM #12    


Joe Painter

Hi Class of 79,  well wanted to say thanks to the website.  After the 30 year class reunion, I came back to Vegas to work again.  Well to my surprise, Pete Hoff had emailed me that Julie DeBruine was coming to Vegas.  Well he was correct.  On that July 3rd, I picked up Julie and took her to the casino that I work at.  We talked, ate, and she played a couple of machines.  She then took a cab back to her Hotel.  We then started to correspond back and forth, lots of travel back and forth.  On Feb 13th, 2010 < I asked Julie to marry me at Pertanales Falls, in Texas.  She said Yes and we are getting married on August 14, 2010 , in San Antonio, at the Olympia Hills Golf Course. 

With this all of the class is invited to attend, just send Julie or myself an email and we will know.

Now I want to again to say thanks for this great website, for bringing Julie and myself together.  I am leaving my position at the Casino, re-locating to San Antonio , Texas, where we are buying a beautiful home,  and we are going to be raising my ,(soon to be ours) two grandchildren, Christopher - 5years old, and Amillya - 3 years old, my last day in Vegas is June 25th.  


Again, all are welcome to attend, just email us with your intentions. 


08/02/11 09:12 PM #13    

Gwen Seward (Neal)

Just wanted to say how sorry I am for the loss of Lynn Noltzenmeyer. It's funny, how a few weeks back, I actually had a dream about Lynn. I don't really remember the details, except that it was good to see her, & see that she had pursued a career of her own. I wish she would have joined the website; I would have loved to know what she had actually been up to all these years. I'm sure she must have been successful, as she never let her handicap get in her way.--Til God reunites us all, Gwen Seward Neal


08/10/14 03:40 PM #14    

Lori Lawrence (Wright)

What a great reunion!!!!!  Thanks to all who worked so hard on getting it all organized!!!  Can't wait to see the 40th will have in store!!!


08/11/14 07:58 PM #15    

Ed Smith


08/12/14 01:32 PM #16    


Joe Painter

Class of 79,  wow, it was great to get to see all of you.  Reunion committee and others the setup was amazing.

I want to thank you all for a great time.  Ever since the last reunion, (Pete Hoff, responsible for me and julie getting married)  . Had to give him a plug all.  This website is amazing also.  Without this website, all knows that I would probally have not got with Julie.  This was her first reunion since graduation and she loved it.  Again thanks to all and without this website, I would not be as happy as I am today....How about we all plan on a mini reunion for the next octoberfest.  It would be fun.  All be careful and keep in touch.  Reunions are nice although if we all keep in touch it would be great.  Thanks Joe and Julie Painter

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