Gwen Seward Neal

Profile Updated: January 21, 2011
Gwen Seward
Residing In: Effingham, IL USA
Spouse/Partner: Husband-Eddie Neal
Occupation: Educated Sophisticated Domesticated Dedicated HF
Children: Stephanie born 1984 (26 yrs. old)
Nicholas born 1990 (19 yrs. old)
Chase born 1995 (14 yrs. More…old)
Jacob born 1997 (12 yrs. old)
Yes! Attending Reunion

My husband Eddie and I have been married for 27 years. When we first met, we lived in Mt. Vernon, Illinois. Eddie joined the Army, and we lived in San Antonio, Texas for a short while, then relocated to Massachusetts for 10 years. It was absolutely beautiful there-not too crazy about the long, cold winters, but the hearts of the people warmed our souls. We felt that it was important for our children to know their grandparents and relatives, so we moved back to Illinois (Effingham) where we are close to Eddie's mom, and only a couple of hours from my folks. I am presently studying X-Ray Technology. Eddie works in Sales. Our daughter will be graduating in May from ITT in Virginia Beach, VA. where she is studying Computer Graphics. Our son Nick is enrolled in the Multimedia Program at SIU Carbondale. Chase is a Freshman in High School, and Jacob is in the 6th Grade.

UPDATE: Well, I have finished 3 semesters of college. I only have a couple of classes before I go for my clinicals; but have decided to take some time off. I'm not quite a dropout; but this is as bad as I get. I'm sure someday I'll return. Until then, I will enjoy my privileged life of being a wife and mom. Oh, what joy! Ha! Seriously though, presently I don't think there is anything else that I would rather do. Fortunately, this will always be a lifetime commitment.

School Story:

I'll never forget when I came back to school after being hospitalized for 25 weeks. My last class of the day was Art Class with Mrs. K over at New Central School. I sat through half of the class period before Mrs. K realized that I was back.

I enjoyed band, and chorus, swing choir, stage, and jazz band, and the Musicals. Marching in the band was sometimes torture, but the dedication instilled in all of us through our faithful, fearless Conductor (Mr. Gil Silva) is a valuable, priceless gift that I shall treasure forever. I remember during my Senior year, Joleen Mason, and I traded instruments during the Half-Time Show at one of the football games. I had no idea how to play the Baritone, and I'm sure she wasn't familiar with the Saxophone-but we looked good marching.

It was great hanging out with Julie DeBruine, eating a Michelle's on Friday nights, and riding around the main drag, and spending our Summers playing tennis. It didn't take much to entertain us back then. Richard (Dickie) Schmidt, and Ricky Kahn, although a year younger created fond memories of high school for me. I'd better not forget Linda Foutch, and Montelee Ritchey. Linda and I were going to go into the Service together, well actually not together. She joined the ARMY, and I wanted to join the NAVY (I just wanted to wear those cute Sailor Suits). Montelee was such a unique, talented friend in both chorus and art with a dedicated heart to her beliefs-one of her most admired qualities. The year after graduation shall not be forgotten for the many times I would kidnap Tony and have lunch at Laurel Cemetery. But most of all, I shall never forget, always treasure, and be most grateful for my twin sister Glee who has made my memories of school, growing up, Here, Now, and Forever After the most precious and cherished times of all.

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May 12, 2014 at 2:42 PM

Happy Birthday La La. Fa la la la la, La, la la la. Merry Christmas! Ooops, I mean--Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Ma ri a. Happy Birthday to you.